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British Male Voiceover Artist - Paul Berry

20+ Years of Professional Voiceovers for UK & International Brands

Paul Berry is a professional British male voiceover artist based in the UK with over 23 years of experience. Hire voiceover Paul for high-quality native English voice-over narrations for radio, apps, TV, web video, IVR, on hold messages, animation voice over, corporate, explainer videos, commercial presentations, medical voiceover, promo videos, music and audio voiceover, web presenters, character voiceover, in-store audio, eLearning, voice of God announcer, Santa voice, dubbing and more. If you’re looking for an experienced British male voice talent, globally used in the UK and international markets, I'd love to help. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.

Looking for the ideal narration to complement your project?

Call Voiceover Paul on 07751 735954 or email - click here

Native English voice overs to your requirements

My voice style is often described as warm, approachable and natural in style with a 30s to 50s age range. My native British male voiceover accent is Lancashire, however most of the voice over work I undertake is more neutral in style. Booking me as the British voiceover for your project is easy, just click here to contact me with details about your project (including script length, style, usage etc) and I can give you a quote for the work. I can normally get a recording back with you the same day, though some jobs do of course take longer. See my Terms and conditions for all the legal stuff that I as a British male voice over need to cover.


In addition to the voice acting side of my work, I can also provide help with improving the sound of third party voice-over recordings, scripting adverts and campaigns. I spent a good 10 years as a copywriter so I am sure I can help you get your script into shape if it needs a tweak.  

Voicereels, Samples and Demos

General VoicereelPaul Berry
Narration voicereelPaul Berry
Explainer voicereelPaul Berry
Radio voice over demoPaul Berry
On hold examplesPaul Berry
Video Games voicePaul Berry

For lots more voiceover samples including audio and video click here

Latest Availability 

Week commencing 17th June 2024 - subject to change 

Monday - PM only

Tuesday - all day

Wednesday - all day

Thursday - all day

Friday - limited availability

About Voiceover Paul

British male voiceover artist Paul Berry in a voiceover booth

Despite studying acting for two years in the early eighties, I was a bit late to the British male voiceover game, not really getting involved until around 2000. I was working for an advertising company at the time when a work colleague suggested that I should try voicing some of their video ads as I had a ‘voiceovery voice’ apparently. As a musician, I already had some of the gear needed to get started including a reasonably good microphone suitable for recording voice-overs. Over 20 plus years later and I’m an established British male voice over artist so I must be doing something right! My first voiceover experience actually came a few years before in 1995 I think when I was co-writing and co-presenting a satirical football themed radio show called 'And it's Matthews on the wing' for hospital radio, but it was five years later when my voiceovers began being heard all over the UK in GP surgeries.



British male voice-overs for UK and international 

Since those early days, I have worked hard to become a highly experienced British voiceover. My extensive recording experience includes narration, voice of God style work, radio imaging, corporate voiceovers, on-hold and e-learning for many different clients in a wide range of countries. I have supplied English voiceovers internationally to clients in India, USA, New Zealand, Africa, Europe (including many voiceovers for Erklärfilm) and of course locations throughout the UK. There are many voiceover artists for hire in the UK and worldwide but if you think my voice could work with your project, get in touch - I'd love to hear from you.

I can be found on a number of websites including,, and many others. I offer very quick turnaround and competitive rates on all voice jobs so if you need a male voice then please give me a call.   

Some of the organisations and brands I've voiced for:  

T-CUT - UNICEF - McAfee - DVSA - Volkswagen - BOC - Best Western - Manchester City Council - Mapei - Total Fitness -  JCB - Miele - Bosch - Lavazza - Riso Gallo - Liebherr - BBC - Vodafone - Poundstretcher - Santander - Filmstro - Panasonic - Companies House - AIG - Walker Art Gallery - Kompan - Unilever - Indesit - Gyptone - Islands - Unilever - Britbox - Showtown - Celox - Deloitte   

britischer männlicher Voiceover - Британський чоловічий виконавець озвучування - 英語 - イギリス英語 - ナレーター - voix off masculine britannique - voce fuori campo maschile inglese - Britse mannelijke voice-over artiest - Britisk mandlig voiceover-kunstner - British male voice artist - Breskur talsettari karlmaður - Բրիտանացի տղամարդ ձայնային արտիստ - Brit férfi szinkronművész - فنان صوتي بريطاني ذكر - Brytyjski lektor męski - Britu vīriešu balss mākslinieks - britisk mannlig stemme over - off-eko gizonezko britainiarra - İngilis kişi səsi - 英國男性配音 - sauti ya kiume ya kiingereza juu - בריטיש זכר קול איבער - bresk karlmannsrödd yfir - ब्रिटिश पुरुष वॉयस ओवर - veu en off masculina britànica - brittiläinen miesääni - llais gwrywaidd Prydain drosodd - Britisk mandlig voiceover-artist - breskur talsettari karlkyns - britanats’i tghamard dzaynayin artist - Vretanós ándras kallitéchnis fonís - brittiläinen miespuhaltaja - British masculum voiceover artifex - artist trosleisio gwrywaidd o Brydain  

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