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Radio voice over

Probably one of the busiest aspects of my career is recording many a radio voice over for online and broadcast stations all over the UK and the rest of the world. These can actually be some of the toughest jobs to get right as you are usually dealing with strict timelines when it comes to a radio voice over.


You will often find that stations will include scripting and production as part of the advertising package when you purchase a radio slot, but if you are writing your own and need some help, let me know. It can cause some amusement (and anguish) when a client sends a script which is far too long to cram into a 30 seconds slot. You are looking at about 70 words!


I've recorded a radio voice over for pretty much all broadcastable topics you can think of and I've included a mixed selection for you to listen to below. If you can't find an example of a radio voice over along the lines you are looking for, get in touch and I'll see what I can do!   

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