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Voiceover rescue  

You can't always use me for your voiceover needs (well, you can if you want - I would) but if you do stray to the dark side and use someone else, you're hopefully with someone who will send you good quality voicveover files to work with.


That 'should' mean noise-free and without any nasty surprises lurking in the audio. But if you've ever recorded a vo yourself or used a voiceover artist who delivered less than ideal results then maybe I can help rescue the recording using some of the latest jiggery-pokery in Adobe Audition and Izotope RX8.

Some recordings may seem unusable but, with a bit of surgery and serious tweaking, they can sometimes be saved. Maybe there is traffic noise, hiss, mouth clicks or rumbles in the background, or maybe the voiceover recording  lacks a bit of punch and oomph? If so, let me have a listen and I'll let you know if I can rescue it.       

Voiceover editing screenshot
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