Voiceover beer of the week !

Away from voiceover for just a moment and - if you follow me on Twitter at all, you'll know that I do like a lovely beer.


So I decided to start giving out a shout to a different beer every now and again...and before you know it

#voiceoverbeeroftheweek was born.


Some of the recent voiceover beer of the week stars have included:
Cranborne Poacher from Badger Beers in Dorset,


Lancaster Black from Lancaster Brewery, the feisty

Moonraker from JW Lees in Manchester, and

Old Man Ale from Coniston Brewing company in the Lake District.

Hawkshead Gold by Hawkshead Brewery.

Millionaire by Wild Beer Co.

Double Stout by Shepherd Neame.


Broadside by Adnams.

Einstok by Einstok Beer.

Smoked Porter By Hesket Newmarket Brewery.



I'm going to try and cover as many bottled ales that I can find, so if you know of any super examples or tasty tipples that I can sing the praises of on #voiceoverbeeroftheweek then do get in touch. If you are a brewery then please feel free to send me free samples, you know it makes sense!

Don't forget #voiceoverbeeroftheweek !